Despair, meet hope.

I awake in weariness

Unable to rise

The thought of the day saps.


Troubles bear burdens

Despair sits as lead

The weight of a mountain descended

Leaving me still in bed.


Oh, Come Lord Jesus, come!

Come drive this all away

Come usher in the new.

Won’t you…



The utter lifting of burdens

The casting off of all dread

The light brilliantly shining, piercing

Glory of God revealed, in full.


This is to come,

He will return.


What of the now?


There is still a lifting

of burdens to be had

A strength when we have none.

There is One who says:

‘My grace is sufficient,

My power

made perfect in weakness.’

And still he says:


All you who are

burdened and heavy laden


I will give you rest.’


And so, in my weakness

Lord be my strength

Your shoulders broader than mine

To bear what I cannot

(…and should not?)


And for my downcast soul

Perspective needs to flood

A clearing of the fog, with

Eyes to see your goodness

and sovereignty and love.


You are

Constant and faithful

And every bit true.


Your intrinsic worth and immeasurable value of majesty

your cross and sin bearing goodness.

You are!


In gentleness take my hand

And lead me on.

The Resurrection hope awaits

And joy, even now, through the clouds,

breaks in.



Whom have I in heaven but you?

And earth has nothing I desire besides you.

My flesh and my heart may fail,

but God is the strength of my heart

and my portion forever.

~ Psalm 73:25-26

The King is Coming.


The King is coming

He will soon return

In splendour and majesty

Gloriously great

Mighty beyond measure


Will you wait for his return

With patience and faith?

Eyes in hope to the heavens

Life lived assuredly in light

The good King is coming

He will soon return.


And oh what a day

The Day of His return

He will be fully revealed

Faith will fall away as we see him as He is

Almost too much for our eyes to behold

Scarcely able to believe

His majesty

His glory

His very presence radiating like the sun.


What magnificence has our King

The mighty good King Jesus

Forgiver of sins

And debtor to none

Just in judgment

And rich in reward

The wicked to death eternal

And the righteous by faith to life evermore


Oh what a day

The Day of His return

The King is coming

He will soon return


Still come Lord Jesus, come!

Let all see who you are

Mighty and powerful and strong

Good and wise and wonderful

Wholly perfect and lovely

Incomparable worth and glory

The only Majestic One

The roaring Great Lion

Regal and sure

Can there be anything more beautiful than You?


The King is coming

He will soon return

Oh what a day

The Day of His return