White collar’d sinner

I’m a white collar’d sinner
My sin looks good.

Perfectionist on the inside
Means I get the job done.
At times, without trusting,
Sad to say… my Father above.

Service of others,
Oh look what they’ll see!
Don’t wanna be served by another:
How could this be??

I’m a white collar’d sinner.
My sin looks good.

Yet before the One who beholds
As clear as day to Him
Flickers of earning and striving
A wayward rest, and lack of ease

I’m far more sinful
Than any can see.
It scares me silly
How black my unseen heart can be.

This is the truth,
It shouldn’t surprise.
But to God’s grace
It begs: ‘these things must demise.’

For they do not belong
In a heart renew’d.
Where new life has been granted.
Through faith in the One, the Son.

For now, the struggle with sin
But praise God!
His grace, oh it reaches,
Reaches further still, within,
Renewing, remaking, shaping…
To the praise of the One above!

Faithful friends wound with care

‘Yes, yes!’ says the ‘friend’

Not calling out my façades

Not pointing out my faults


But faithful friends wound with care

Calling the bluffs

Gently rebuking sin residing

Without air of judgment

But in the Spirit of truth.


Never easy, far more facile

To simply not say a word

Couched behind being a ‘friend’


Lord surround me with faithful friends

Friends who wound with care.

Help is needed to swallow pride

To listen to rebuking words

Words for my good, as tough as it seems.


And Lord make me a faithful friend!

Free from haughty judgment

But bold to say things as they are

In love, for their good & for You.