A simple idea for Scripture reading with a friend (The Psalms)

Myself and two friends have come to the end of our 1st week of reading the Psalms together. 29 weeks to go!




The plan is to read a Psalm a day5 days a week (Mon-Friday).

With 150 Psalms, I’m pretty sure that makes it a 30 week trip together.

It’s really simple:

  1. Prayerfully read the Psalm.
  2. Think about it.
  3. Drop a message/text/sms/Whatsapp/Viber etc etc to the person you’re reading with:

–          What you think it’s about; or

–          What struck you; or

–          What it leads to in prayer; or

–          A particular verse that stood out; or

–          A question it raises; or

–          Something you don’t quite get that maybe the other person might; or

–          Anything really…

4. Good idea to spend some time praying at the end in response


For the message, keep it short and sweet if possible.

For instance:

“I was struck in particular about how the man is fed and grown by God’s revelation/instruction (v.2)… And how fitting for what we’re trying to do now with this reading plan. Yay!”

“Re-read and verse 6 is comforting that God is watching over the way of the righteous, guiding us.”

‘I got nothing. Rough day at work, can you pray?’

Don’t stress out too much about the days when you got nothing – because you’re flat or stressed out over work or your brain is a muddle. Try read the Psalm still and you might need to let the other person carry you for the day.

The lovely thing is that as you read the Psalm ‘together’ – it also helps you in praying for that person/those people.

I’m keen to see how this works out but already I think it’s a good way to read Scripture together. Excited for the next 29 weeks with its ups and downs.

You could do something similar. Who would you do it with?


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Btw: we’ve only got two more weeks of that to go for our group!

A Simple Idea for a Group Scripture Reading Plan

Looking for an idea regarding a Term Bible Reading plan for your mid-week group?

We’re giving this a go for the next 10 weeks (we’re currently in week 3).

Have a look: 180 in 10 Scripture reading


Basically, we’re trying to read 180 chapters of the Bible in 10 weeks.

(Yes the 180 is intended as a double entendre)

When we meet on Wednesday nights we read anything from a few chapters to a dozen together and then the rest becomes what we’ll do at home on our own.

In our time together (works out to be about 2 hours), with some tea/coffee thrown in, we

– read

– discuss elements of what we’ve read either that night or at home

– pray

– have a time of testimony towards the end where people can share on a variety of things

It’s simple, nothing complicated.

The aims are simply to get us in God’s Word and becoming more comfortable with chatting about what we’re reading and being taught by God from his Word.

It’s been pretty good for us so far. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out over the next 7 weeks.