Nager – to swim

One, two, three, breathe

one, two, three, breathe


Hand reaching

probing, straining forward

a plunged dip

the v

creasing the surface of the water,

and with each pull of the other,

propelling this body forward

head and shoulders as a bow

in a quest to break new ground

through this liquid haven.


Head down, encased eyes viewing the

myriad of colours underwater

shards of early morning sun

piercing the outer watery shell and dancing

on the floor of the pool,

the lively lights broken solely by the ripples

of fellow swimmers likewise straining forward

only to return from whence they came.

A boundary and a freedom


Your Word, a boundary

A thousand elite forces surrounding, guarding, posted and encamped

A sure and trusty advisor, sage for situations, it beckons ‘Come and be wise’

Your Word extended, hands which are gentle, caring, and of strong support

Knowledge of You, replete with the constancy of faithful love

A place to situate my trust for it is the Word of God

Here is truth, understanding of right and wrong, and of what is pure and good and certain

A steadiness to see, to remember, the story which encapsulates my own, bigger, broader – that of God

Your Word it motions ‘Come and have life in Christ’

It bits adieu to a worldly way washed in the foamy scum of moral uncertainty, incertitude

It bids this adieu for it is a firm and fixed boundary of God and His goodness.



Your Word, a freedom

A delightful invitation to participate, to try and fail, and try again, secure to do so

Hands unshackled, feet shod ready for movement in this world, a going and a doing

To love and serve and initiate, to creatively be Yours in the present, and with the people around

It beckons ‘Come and die. Oh and have a go at loving with the love of Christ which you know so well’

Thoughtful engagement with the perishing, with the structures established, and with God’s people

Not every situation set in black and white; instead an entrusting that we operate as one of His

Incredible! Caught up in the plans of God and stationed to be his workers of righteousness

Before us is opportunity to be His in this world

Out we go, forward, the beating love of Christ in our hearts,

Our beings scanning like a radar, eyes open looking for the prospects before us.

Opportunity to live as the summoned people of God set free to be his in this world.

The Red Sea Judgment

The Red Sea Judgment

Exodus 14:10-31


‘Yahweh fights for his people,

Turn back, turn back.’


‘It is too late!

Judgment’s jaws have set

There is no escape

We are lost –



Horrendous, horrible.

Praise Yahweh for His dreadful power?


Praise Yahweh for his dreadful power.

His strength to throw into disarray

To confuse the wicked,

To quieten their destructive clamour.

Praise Yahweh for His judgments,

His awful destruction of those who disobey,

Those who hate Him and his plans.


Praise Yahweh for His protection,

His presence near His people.

That same hand crushing and collapsing

So too enfolds those who are His.

His, chosen not by intrinsic value,

But by their bestowed worth.


Stand firm and see the Lord’s salvation wrought

Quieten my fears, be still the murmurings of my heart

Flee from me my stricken disbelief!

Repent and believe.


Praise Yahweh for His dreadful judgments and merciful salvation.

The Red Sea judgment


The Red Blood flowing

The parting this time of the heavens

The overflow of God’s wrath

The Son standing, bowing his head

Dead for the disobedient

The hard of heart, unloving, unmerciful.


The hand that confused the Egyptians

Hands now openly outstretched,

The Judgment-bearing Son.


The choice before us:

Red sea judgment or Red Blood flowing?


Come, and be His!

Red Sea Judgment

The setting sun


Amber setting sun closing the day

The concoction of disappearing light

And approaching night

Haze on the horizon,

A whisper of what has been

Memories floating reminiscing

Glimmers of the goodness of God,

Perhaps of time with friends, relationships,

Kindness, words that warmed, love, work,

Beauty, tenderness and a full heart as the day ends.


The other side: that of gloom

Difficulties of the day

Oppressing thoughts

The curtain of night brings unsettled need

Memories pierce and prod and pull, unceasingly wearingly

Oh the need to rest!

To entrust troubles in prayer

To the God who brings close of play to the day.

Thoughts rush the gates of sanity

Threatening, tumbling, jostling,

Drowning out all hope .

The need again, acute…

Into His hands a laying down, a passing over

His hands open, ready

Inviting a child-like trust of Daddy in the fear, the unknown.


The setting sun.

The setting of the Son over our histories.

And over our future.

The Spirit tender ministers to us from the inside out.

All the moments: both good and bad

All the decisions, released.

Not under our control, they can be settled

Under a life of breaking dawns of mercy anew

The sun also rises, God working through the darkness

To proclaim His goodness,

Sufficient to meet the holdings of the time between

The rising and the setting.


The Son has risen, so the sun sets with thanks expressed

and opportunity for a re-trusting of Him who holds it all.



Despair, meet hope

The loosing of eternity

I lie down and sleep

The loosing of eternity


There is a loosing of eternity

(Not a losing, but a loosing)

A release if you like,

Which simply takes the pressure off.

Without anything being lost.


Life is crammed.

We’re striving and grabbing and filling every moment.

Non-stop technology plugs us in to constant to-ing and fro-ing.

Searching, seeking, wanting more.

The finding of ourselves – who am I?

Perfection – tantalisingly out of reach.

The perfect house, job, spouse, experience…


Eternity’s a long time, if you can even call it time.

It begins for us when we come to know the Son

And in knowing God and having eternal life

There is ‘un mo-ment’ – a future of moments

Where surrounded by the context of assured eternal life,

We can be released and loosed.


Life still goes on

We are still pulled and turned.

There are still many things to do.

But an alleviation of the pressure has occurred.

This context.

One that, importantly, frees us to see that

It doesn’t all have to be done here.


Here and right now.

You don’t have to cram yet another thing into that other thing which is already threatening to blow.

You don’t have to achieve it all here and now.

You don’t have to own that or acquire this.

And as for finding yourself?

You have time.

And any searching is conducted in the safety of knowing God

and being known by Him

This is the beauty we keep in front of us.

The pressure is off.


There is a releasing to eternity.

One that simply allows us to unmask the movement of the world

And knowing you’re one of His,

You let go

The fingers open, away it falls

And so your hands are free

You can let go

Of the necessity to have it all now.

To know it all now.

But without the fear of anything being lost.

The One who holds the context has it secure.


Eternity’s a long time, if you can call it time.

Secured by the One who entered our time and space.

We live, able to be loosed

And to release our deathly grip on things in light of eternity

And so we rest and trust, even as we move and do.

The loosing of eternity.

Words are not playthings

(a commentary, not an example)


The writing I like best to read is subtle.
No flaming flamboyance.
No hint of being too clever.
No thesaurus of words thrown together.
It doesn’t try too hard.
Or show too much.
Words are not playthings.

Instead it simply flows
Gently arresting my attention
(Or harshly, subject depending)
So it goes, carrying me along,
Little prods and pokes
The odd ‘ah-ha!’ moment.

Delightful subtlety
Elusive refinement.
Elegant words used sparingly,
They come at a cost.
With careful injection in a sentence
Only then do they carry their weight

You ever seen those guys?
You know the ones?
They have the ball and off they go.
Past one guy and then a second.
A third and fourth succumb
A dazzlingly display of skills.
Acrobatic feats of their feet.
‘In-croy-able’ (incredible) the cry!

However, it seems that
Nearing the goal they
Admiring their own poise,
they pause.
And are quickly gobbled by defenders who hungrily arrive.

Clever writing is like that.
Too much on display at once.
Sure, the player receives praise for artful stringing of sets
These are there, that is sure.
But in the end it doesn’t do the job
The way the words are used,
leaves the message lost

The writing I like best to read is subtle.
No flaming flamboyance.
No hint of being too clever.
No thesaurus of words thrown together.
It doesn’t try too hard.
Or show too much.
Words are not playthings.

Creator God

The beginning, God.

He creates; He forms.

Out of darkness, He dawns,

Out of watery chaos, He subdues.


Where to begin? God.

He recreates; He re-forms.

Out of darkness, He draws.

Out of utter chaos, He soothes.


Rest my soul and start

At the beginning

With the One who takes

And makes and… keeps.

Who settles and subdues

And rules with goodly power

He shapes the whole creation

And He certainly holds you.

(Gen 1:1-2; John 1:1-2)