A child of the Father by the gift and work of God

Named ryan

Vowed to the lovely Jo

Dad to a little girl and even smaller boy

South African, relishing the richness of this country, while attempting to be prayerful regarding our issues.

Currently living as a follower of Jesus in eThekwini (Durban)

Proclaiming Jesus specifically on the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN), working for a Christian group called ‘The Bible Talks’ (TBT)

Gather regularly, and partnered with the saints of  Trinity Church Morningside: praying that God’s Spirit will use us in this area, just as He continues to work in us.

Spent four, theologically and relationally rich years at Moore Theological College in Sydney.

Love God’s exceptionally beautiful Scripture, the way it reveals the Son and stands together so unified.

Enjoy the thrill of surfing a wave; the beauty of french, the poetry and thoughtfulness of writing, the capture of photography, the narrative of History.

On a quest to read all the good books I own before considering buying more.

Wishing I could speak Zulu properly, and play a musical instrument.

Relying on God’s continued grace to me and others.

Exceedingly grateful to God for the life to be had in Jesus.


‘Taste and see that the Lord is good!”

Grace and peace.


A note: Any posts here will probably be neither frequent nor short. Not frequent because the world doesn’t need me to add my own constant dripping to the torrent of words that already form the current social media deluge. And they will, for the most part, not be short posts. Despite technology having helped shape us into distracted bite-sized readers (Rail, rail against it!), I do think that there is still value in sustained reflection via longer form pieces. (Although, then perhaps the retort is: ‘blogs are for those shorter pieces?’ Ah well…)


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