Sayers on “Why doesn’t God smite this dictator dead?”

Typical straight shooting DLS:

“Why doesn’t God smite this dictator dead?” is a question a little remote from us.
Why madam, did He not strike you dumb and imbecile before you uttered that baseless and unkind slander the day before yesterday? Or me, before I behaved with such cruel lack of consideration to that well-meaning friend? And why, sir, did He not cause your hand to rot off at the wrist before you signed your name to that dirty little bit of financial trickery?
You did not quite mean that? But why not? Your misdeeds and mine are nonetheless repellent because our opportunities for doing damage are less spectacular that those of some other people. Do you suggest that your doings and mine are too trivial for God to bother about? That cuts both ways; for, in that case, it would make precious little difference to His creation if He wiped us both out tomorrow.

~ Dorothy L. Sayers, ‘The Triumph of Easter’ in Creed or Chaos?, p. 12-13

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