Surf and Rap: two new releases this week!

‘Serving the Creator of the waves’ – Rusty Moran’s story


Aussie big wave surfer Rusty Moran:

I’m not in control. When I tried to push surfing into the background for a bit and focused a bit more on serving God the creator of the waves rather than the waves themselves and my own dreams of becoming the best in the world at big wave surfing… God sort of opened up my eyes to see […] there is so much more to life than just chasing what you’re after. God had this plan that, because we chased after our own stuff all the time (we’re sinful – that’s what the bible calls it), we need God to come down and rescue us. We’re not going to reach up to God cause we’re just like me, chasing after our own deal all the time…

Watch the clip here.

Rusty Moran pic


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New album ‘Crimson Cord’ for free from Propaganda via Noisetrade here


I haven’t finished listening to the album yet, only just pressed play now. But other works from Propaganda, namely ‘Art Ambidextrous’ (here) and ‘Excellent’ (here) have been wonderful high quality Christian Rap. All of these likewise available for free (worthy of a tip perhaps?)

Looking at the current album, featured included artists such as Braille, Lecrae, Lee Green, Andy Mineo and JGivens.
Go on, give it a listen!

 Propaganda image from:

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