The Red Sea Judgment

The Red Sea Judgment

Exodus 14:10-31


‘Yahweh fights for his people,

Turn back, turn back.’


‘It is too late!

Judgment’s jaws have set

There is no escape

We are lost –



Horrendous, horrible.

Praise Yahweh for His dreadful power?


Praise Yahweh for his dreadful power.

His strength to throw into disarray

To confuse the wicked,

To quieten their destructive clamour.

Praise Yahweh for His judgments,

His awful destruction of those who disobey,

Those who hate Him and his plans.


Praise Yahweh for His protection,

His presence near His people.

That same hand crushing and collapsing

So too enfolds those who are His.

His, chosen not by intrinsic value,

But by their bestowed worth.


Stand firm and see the Lord’s salvation wrought

Quieten my fears, be still the murmurings of my heart

Flee from me my stricken disbelief!

Repent and believe.


Praise Yahweh for His dreadful judgments and merciful salvation.

The Red Sea judgment


The Red Blood flowing

The parting this time of the heavens

The overflow of God’s wrath

The Son standing, bowing his head

Dead for the disobedient

The hard of heart, unloving, unmerciful.


The hand that confused the Egyptians

Hands now openly outstretched,

The Judgment-bearing Son.


The choice before us:

Red sea judgment or Red Blood flowing?


Come, and be His!

Red Sea Judgment

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