A boundary and a freedom


Your Word, a boundary

A thousand elite forces surrounding, guarding, posted and encamped

A sure and trusty advisor, sage for situations, it beckons ‘Come and be wise’

Your Word extended, hands which are gentle, caring, and of strong support

Knowledge of You, replete with the constancy of faithful love

A place to situate my trust for it is the Word of God

Here is truth, understanding of right and wrong, and of what is pure and good and certain

A steadiness to see, to remember, the story which encapsulates my own, bigger, broader – that of God

Your Word it motions ‘Come and have life in Christ’

It bits adieu to a worldly way washed in the foamy scum of moral uncertainty, incertitude

It bids this adieu for it is a firm and fixed boundary of God and His goodness.



Your Word, a freedom

A delightful invitation to participate, to try and fail, and try again, secure to do so

Hands unshackled, feet shod ready for movement in this world, a going and a doing

To love and serve and initiate, to creatively be Yours in the present, and with the people around

It beckons ‘Come and die. Oh and have a go at loving with the love of Christ which you know so well’

Thoughtful engagement with the perishing, with the structures established, and with God’s people

Not every situation set in black and white; instead an entrusting that we operate as one of His

Incredible! Caught up in the plans of God and stationed to be his workers of righteousness

Before us is opportunity to be His in this world

Out we go, forward, the beating love of Christ in our hearts,

Our beings scanning like a radar, eyes open looking for the prospects before us.

Opportunity to live as the summoned people of God set free to be his in this world.

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