Nuanced conservatism


I hate the word ‘conservative’.

It smacks of rigidity.

Of a lack of thoughtfulness.

Cold, hard, unloving.

Sticking to something for the simple sake of holding:

‘But that’s the way we’ve always done it!’

(Why? Can you tell me why?)



I love the word ‘conservative’.

It details the delight of a sure and certain faith.

Of knowing God and his ways,

not in totality but in assurance.

Scripture, truth, Jesus, being His people in this world.

It has context that is guaranteed, that holds you,

‘cause it speaks of the God who has revealed Himself,

And who is at work in this world.

Eternity secured.


I hate the word ‘nuanced’.

It’s all the rage at the mo.

Disguised as ‘epistemic humility’

Dressed up fence sitting and clever arguments

That at the end of the day leave you in no-man’s land to die a thousand deaths

And to take others with you.

It’s the coward’s way out.

Gosh, make a decision, say something that matters!


I love the word ‘nuanced’.

It denotes reflection,

A thinking through of issues.

Contemplation of Scripture.

Realising that life is often not simply black and white.

People aren’t, circumstances aren’t.

Relationships aren’t.

We don’t know all things

So we speak with care and caution.

Firm, yet gentle.


Nuanced conservatism:

God willing a little less of the ‘hated’ versions.

And a little more of the other.

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