The loosing of eternity


There is a loosing of eternity

(Not a losing, but a loosing)

A release if you like,

Which simply takes the pressure off.

Without anything being lost.


Life is crammed.

We’re striving and grabbing and filling every moment.

Non-stop technology plugs us in to constant to-ing and fro-ing.

Searching, seeking, wanting more.

The finding of ourselves – who am I?

Perfection – tantalisingly out of reach.

The perfect house, job, spouse, experience…


Eternity’s a long time, if you can even call it time.

It begins for us when we come to know the Son

And in knowing God and having eternal life

There is ‘un mo-ment’ – a future of moments

Where surrounded by the context of assured eternal life,

We can be released and loosed.


Life still goes on

We are still pulled and turned.

There are still many things to do.

But an alleviation of the pressure has occurred.

This context.

One that, importantly, frees us to see that

It doesn’t all have to be done here.


Here and right now.

You don’t have to cram yet another thing into that other thing which is already threatening to blow.

You don’t have to achieve it all here and now.

You don’t have to own that or acquire this.

And as for finding yourself?

You have time.

And any searching is conducted in the safety of knowing God

and being known by Him

This is the beauty we keep in front of us.

The pressure is off.


There is a releasing to eternity.

One that simply allows us to unmask the movement of the world

And knowing you’re one of His,

You let go

The fingers open, away it falls

And so your hands are free

You can let go

Of the necessity to have it all now.

To know it all now.

But without the fear of anything being lost.

The One who holds the context has it secure.


Eternity’s a long time, if you can call it time.

Secured by the One who entered our time and space.

We live, able to be loosed

And to release our deathly grip on things in light of eternity

And so we rest and trust, even as we move and do.

The loosing of eternity.

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