A simple idea for praying using Carson’s ‘A Call to Spiritual Reformation.’

I find it hard to pray to God sometimes.

I’ve got to work really hard at it, especially to make sure I do it.

But nothing good comes easy right?


Now, I’m talking about a particular type of praying here.

Off the bat, as-things-come-up prayer – that kind of everyday interspersed prayer – is right and proper and good.

But another kind I want to have ongoing in my life is regular disciplined time-set-aside praying.


It’s strange because when I do, in some weeks, get into the practise of that kind of prayer, I find it so very good for me.

It’s almost although I get to the stage where I go ‘Oh boy, I’ve come home.’

You know that feeling?


Here is a simple thing that I’ve been trying to integrate in.

It’s to use Carson’s ‘A call to Spiritual reformation’ as a basis for regular prayer for people.

A friend and I are slowly (VERY VERY SLOWLY!) working our way through the book as we get together and read.

A Call to Spiritual Reformation - Carson from Amazon site

Now, off of that, the idea is as follows:

a)      Have your prayer list of people

b)      Have a summary of the Carson chapter.

c)       Pray the summary for the people on your list.


Point A

I have a list that has about 18 blocks to it.

14 of the blocks have a grouping of usually 4 people that I know – Christians and people who ain’t (yet).

(Some of the names of pastors and their families are linked to their churches.)

The other 4 blocks are not individual people but instead larger things like…

Well for instance, South Africa is one of mine. French speaking refugees from central Africa is another. My village back home is another.


Point B

I use summaries of Carson’s chapter’s to pray through.

In reality they are simply summaries of his exposition of certain passages in which Paul prays – wonderful stuff to pray like.

I use it to give me ideas of what to pray for people.


So for instance here are two of the summaries (I’ll load the rest later or as I do them):

Ch. 2 on 2 Thessalonians 1_3-10

Ch. 3 on 2 Thesssalonians 1_11-12


And that might mean prayers like (from 2 Thess 1v3-10) the following:

‘Father, I am grateful for the work that You are doing in (Person X).
I’ve seen them grow in their love for those around them – and I praise You for that!
I ask that as they’re particularly going through a tough time at the moment that you would work to help them to persevere.

Continue growing their faith and love in You.

Father, your Son will return soon.

I’m worried about (Person Y) – they dont know you.
Please would you work salvation in their lives.

Please would you give me boldness is taking opportunities to speak the truth in love to them and to be a good witness.



Point C

I try have a schedule.

For me it’s Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights just after dinner, for 20 minutes.

It doesn’t always work, but if I don’t schedule it in, then, for me, it’ll never happen.

It’s not an hour and half on my knees (maybe I’m just building J), but it’s a time when I try switch off from constantly being plugged in, and instead try and intercede and love the people in my sphere of relationships.

And putting this out there will hopefully also give me a prod to try and be regular in doing this, at least for this season!


Who would you put down for (a)?, When could you do (c)?

Here is simply a simple idea for praying.

Use it, don’t use it.

(If not this, then what could you do?)

But do pray.

Our God is good.



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Image taken from: http://www.amazon.com/Call-Spiritual-Reformation-Priorities-Prayers/dp/0801025699

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