Waves and Fire


Ever wondered why we sit


Before waves and fire?


Strangely at ease and peace


The constant ebb and flow

Water rising, water falling.

Moving, persistently

A beauty in the swelling and crashing

The water comforts our troubled thoughts?


The burning and cracking

Licking at wood.

Fiery, moving

Dancers of the flames

Shifting about

Captivates us


Could it be

That for once

Their constant motion

Renders us quiet

Still for a moment

A pause to reflect

As the business of our lives


while watching the busyness of theirs?


Could it be too

That before the One

mightier than the crashing waves

Who is Himself a consuming fire.

That perhaps sitting before this One.

There could also be reason.

To pause

From the activities that bind

And consume us

As we rest in Him who is working

Sovereignly and for our good in Christ?

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