Fears in context

There is comfort in knowing that my fears are not bigger than God

They will not overcome him, they cannot

He is too big!


Though they seem large and looming

My problems are well within the grasp of the God

The God who is wise when I am not

Strong when I am far from it

And good beyond any goodness I know


And so not always having the answers

Yet knowing I need to trust in the God who does.

The God who is both good and willing.

And that makes the difference,

Not only that he is good

But that he chooses to direct his goodness towards me

The loving Father of the Jesus who suffered in my place.


So the struggle will be

Not with the fears themselves

(although my focus will be drawn to them)

But with making sure that my vision remains

Remembering and seeing

That God is far bigger than any of my worries.


The cross of Christ makes it clearer most

That he is good

And did I mention willing?

Longing to lovingly care for his children,

And that surely includes me.


Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Who is bigger than all our worries

Even though oft’ we forget.

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